Thursday, 20 December 2012

Gazza announces Blood Sweat and Tears

An unexpected move by the GMP boss, with many anticipating a release only next year the Gazza whos known for his creatvity has already got massive feedback with the single kwateni omnona a house jam, to add twists to the tail the bossman than decides to let his the country know via social media Facebook that he will release a double album. They say that when an artist goes quiet for a while its coz he is busy in studio doing his thing now clearly we should all be in anticipation for this one ...Blood Sweat and Tears ,out soon...

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Blacksheeps kalyampombo Now here!!!

yep yep, with CDT being fully booked the cd took a bit of a delay, BUT GUESS what, the cds are finnaly here, Blacksheeps lates offering is already making air waves , with a song titled OTO YOLO being number one on the radio energy kwaito 0812132467 to get yourself a copy
O'GMP, the cds just arived today on the 18th so by next week it will be in all retail stores...check out the link on the top ten countdown

Monday, 15 October 2012

Win Big This Summer with GMP

Well they say good things come to the who wait??? well this is not gonna be the case this Time GMP says good things will come to you if you sms 'Fun' to 70030. why should you sms?? well 4 lucky people get a chance to spend four nights wiht Gazza and crew on a luxurious cruise ship from durban to mazambique and bara island this december. Imean for 3 nam dollars only...


Saturday, 29 September 2012

Collaborative launch: Blacksheep and Fresh family

PMT BAR(walvis bay) arena's roof is to be set on fire , Blacksheep n Fresh Family are wasting no time in making sure their albums are heard country wide, Kalyampombo n goldiger will sure live the fans craving for more come the 6th of october, walvis bay are you ready??????

The clothing line:Blacksheep

Now it has become tradition to make sure that all the fans are well caterd for, GMP has been looking into ways of optimising fan patriotism, n here we present the proto type of the Blacksheep kalyampombo clothing line, lets get ready to put our money were our mouths are,, all the prices will be notified with time.

Its officially Blacksheep season!!!!

well its defntly blacksheep season, Naka as this fellow is known by is recieving alot of positive feedback after posting a hit song on soundcloud. A real must have for December, a house song , this song is probably going to to recieve a nomination for best house, now the brother man and his stable mate Gazza are quite smart .. u dont believe ME?? well listen to this u remember Gazzat(Gazzas house track from the boss album ryt??)well blacksheeps house creates a sort of in house competition, puting prime focus on both artist thus creating hype for artist who run for the same label how smart is that???? well here is the link if you want to listen to the song im taliking about  just incase

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

This week on JUST WYLING

ATT: to All UNAM students and the public at large, pls do make time for ur t.v screens tomrw at 7pm on nbc, This weeks Just Wyling(Gazzas reality tv show) will cover the recent UNAM cultural festival,and other aspects of UNAM that we dont knw about, lets display to the nation what we are really about